بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

As'salaamualaykum, A warrior is probably someone with a skills of fighting. In all ages, there were such people who were highly equipped in this art. There were many warriors in history who fought as they loved to fight. It was by choice. They were given titles, treasures and even thrones. They earned their livings out of wars and battles. History talks about Islam as a religion spread by sword and full of warriors but I will come back to that later. For now, I would just like to think, how do we define a warrior today? Today, we all are fighting battles of our own and to be honest its not by choice but force. Though there are few who pickup any battles for sheer pleasure, and yes there are people today who do fight for no reason but lets not go there today... As today, its about a special warrior, #WarriorPrincess. I just cant talk much about this little soul. She was an angel in disguise, sent on this earth to test the ones around her and she did touch a lot of hearts. I never followed this profile untill today and I learnt so much already. I do believe people who knew her, have learnt a lot from her and 'not giving up' is just one of the lessons. What I learnt from her is beyond that, its faith. Faith in ALLAH.

Imagine, praying to your lord 24/7 for the most important thing you want even though its impossible to achieve. So much that it took your entire tiny little life to do nothing but pray. And in the end you reach a point where you know you wont get it in this Duniya. And then your time comes, and instead of crying, all you do is say the Shahadah,

'Ash Hadu An La Ilaha IllAllah Wa Ashadu An Na Muhammadan Abduhu Wa Rasuluh'

I testify that none has the right to be worshiped but Allah. and I testify that Muhammad is His slave and His Messenger.

Just think of the faith of this young soul. Even though in her last moments, she remembered whom her life belonged to and to whom she is returning. This is what a true muslim is made of. A true muslim who fights for his imaan till his last breath. This is what makes her and all muslims a warrior and this is the war due to which Islam spread like how no other religion could ever. The sword was nothing but this as it poked into everyone who just couldn't bear this faith. She truly was a warrior of her faith.

Another important thing I learned from her was her dua'a, her wish. You know your lord is not the one who will hold your wishes. He is the most merciful and just. He gives you both, what you want the most and what you ask for the most. He gave her peace as she wanted it to the most and as what she was suffering had no cure. And he also gave her what she desired and asked for the most, that is the end of her parent's suffering. How do I know this? Her posts says she wants to takecare of her father when he is old as he takes care of her. doesnt it makes it clear what she wanted?

This world was never meant to be permanent even though you search for those solutions everyday. It is a temporary place. You will gain all that you lost here provided it was good for you. We all have lost a lot in our life and what makes us stand against all falls is what makes us survivors. Her mother is a warrior in herself. Now that this war has ended and that too on Mother's Day, she is now a survivor. I know her position in this earth and in front of ALLAH as I too am a survivor of a very similar War. She will re unite with her daughter and they will be so happy together InshaAllah. She is truly a survivor, and so is her father.

May Allah bring peace to all of them, Though they are apart but in our prayers, they will always be together. Aameen.
Allah Hu..

Chapter One: Wont Let Go

He knew he could survive.

Give Soul shall Breath...